Untitled - 17.12.2010

Longing for the single pill to make me sleep forever
Wondering how many more days they will keep me here
Longing to return home, apparently.. they don’t want me home
Not just yet - keep trekking, keep trekking
“Your Friends Need You”
“Your Cat Needs You”
Your Lover. He No Longer Needs You.
So I’m drowning again. I’m drowning again.
Struggling to cope, Yes I’m feeling the Pain
Getting strong today One foot in front of the other foot.
I’m laying in bed, I’m looking at the walls
When I’m not feeling hurt I’m feeling dead
I’m dead inside, but I’m still alive!
This wretched human condition! – Is a Joke!!
Full and fed up and Hungry
How much longer will they keep me here, and Why.
There’s drugs to take, to get stoned, and sleepers,
To sleep a day, and then another
To get up and mow the lawn, Just to Feel Better
I feel accomplished and manly now with my mown lawn
And then I’m drowning again, drowning again
Lost Hurt Lonely and Longing
Love lost and friends remain
And I’m drowning in a sea of Pain
The phone rings
It’s my mate.
She’s not doing too well.
She’s reaching out for a Friend
Because she’s drowning again
Her Rat Pig Slunt of A Husband is Playing His Games
He has tried to have her locked away.
He’s hit her and told her family she whores for a living.
She needs me Today.
I’m strong again. Strong in the mind. Strong to Keep Trekking.
It’s whatever it takes. I tell her. Look .. I feel the same
But we’ve got to get through today.
Looking to the future.
Fake it even. Mow the lawn just to feel alright.
This wretched human condition – Is a Joke!!
I’ll see You guys upon arrival. Home.
I’ll let You know how it is here.
Like You don’t know!!
Too beautiful. Too Painful. Too many Players. Too many Cooks. Too many Hearts. Too many Minds. Too many fractures inside. Too many beautiful memories, to make me feel sad. Too many people in hard times. This wretched human condition. This is what it is like to be a Human. I recommend it to You...

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