untitled poetry - written 19th December 2010 - josh/mayday

his face is worn the faux guru
who knows no other way
the boys and girls they sit around
and keep his fate at bay
he drives divide inside your soul
visible only in traces
of residual imprints in the dark
left there by the angels

skin soaked and flesh so tender
as to fall right from the bone
body gone and heart exposed
he's not that far from home
looking You in the eye
and standing in the rain
he wants for You to see him now
as naked as the flame

cold and wild is the child
who's asking for his name
and in reading You for answers
there's comfort for his pain

the little one you'll find he's gone
good thing that he's clever
by standing strong in the storm
with the peices that you gather
for just a time you'll see him there
you're looking in a mirror

the little one you left behind
the little one you seek
extends his arm for your hand
to have, to hold, to keep.

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