1am or thereabouts

Life is ultimately empty. Live for what, other humans?
The journey. There is the journey. Here? This place?
You've got to be kidding...
There isn't even any proof, bar that which I have seen...
and that may not be enough to convince me.
I can't find that piece of myself that I reserved for this occasion.
I think I may have forgotten to set it aside. I think this time I've fucked up...
I think I've given it away. So come little one within. I think we should go now, you better go and play.
I'll lie in bed and waste away.
10 days no food. 10 days no water. A little something to tip me over.

I'm no longer afraid of the darkness. I am the darkness. I invite you in hungry ones.
Find what you can
to feast upon.

Take me home should you find me first
I'll dissipate in the universe
I'll dissipate Here on Earth
Motherfuckers let me go
A true seeker FUCK it is a curse.

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