24/09 @ 2.30am
This last one especially speaks of spring time. A good way to celebrate tonight's full moon.
Although I crave the company of others
I feel a bit lonely & very much like dancing, I feel as though I will be alright.
I'll stay in with the kids and my cuppa will keep me warm until sleep finds me...

24/09 @ 3.30am
My eyes are sparkling again. This time last year I was fried fish. This time, this year I am a month clean. I must keep trekking. I am glad to be awake to witness the sunrise and to welcome the new day.

That which I seek. Connection. I am directed to the bedroom rather than outdoors.
Peace and Blessed Be

It seems as though the natural order is well and truly in place. Human kind is but temporary, although I do wish we would stop cutting down the trees.

(prior to 5am)
In bed momentarily. He produces an intoxicating smell, of sex? Of something...
The smell makes me lusty. I pull myself until I am hard. I think about jerking off thinking of other boys, but his smell continues to intoxicate me.
I fantasize about love making.
Eating his arse and then...
I blow. My stomach is sticky and my fantasies are fulfilled, as he sleeps restlessly beside me.
To thy own Self be True, I whisper in his ear.

I get into some warm clothes, cuppa, smoke, and journal. Camera in hand I step outside. A possum scares the shit out of me. I laugh and take a photo. I see the full moon setting, setting? Does the moon set? Maybe not... Wow I'm friggin' uneducated. At least I know it's spring :)
...and I watch the sun bring light to the new day. The magpies call to one another, and sing praise to the morning from the surrounding trees.

Sex. Sex. Sex. Ggggrrrr!

I'll stay out here for a moment or several and listen to the birds' song and to watch the light -, the sky. + So it seems once again, the day is replacing night and the stage is set for today's antics.
Bring Us Peace,
Fill our cups with your Divine Blessings. I am One unto You.

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