This is a story of losing and winning. You came into my life and You sent my head spinning. You unlocked my Heart, lifted me up, Made me so High. Shared with me Your Spirit, taught me about You. Shared Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Soul, Your Love. We spent our time together. We went for drives. We went camping, sat by the fires and we went walking in the bush. We discovered we both had a love for nature. You told me about Your life, over a period of time, and I told You about mine. We shared our music together, You didn’t mind my taste in music, which was great, and I put up with listening to Kenny Rodgers! You moved into my flat, then we moved out my flat and into a house. You made our space beautiful. Every day I Loved to wake up next to You. One of us would go and make the cups of coffee, and bring it in, and we’d have our first coffee in bed together. We were on our way to building a life. We had both decided to go and study the same course, I was so proud of You when You got in, I was grinning from ear to ear, then I got in too! Words would never do justice to how much I adore You, it’s something in the Heart that You can’t write down on paper.
Then one day You said, “I’m leaving You”. This is a story of losing and winning and once more my boy, You’d sent me spinning. I cried every day for – it’s been about three months now. I didn’t want to get out of bed. But now I’m finding some healing amongst all the spinning, as this is a story of losing and winning.

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