(Asled by Eden via Fabulis.com) Q. Will you tell me please of your greatest joy.., and your deepest sorrow and how you survived them both?

My deepest sorrow.
My Mum, Joy, died in September of 1988 when I was four years old. I struggled with not having Mum around for many years. I'm not sure if it was so much the sorrow of losing Mum or not having Mum around to wrap me in her hug during times of sorrow. I have survived this through understanding, of her life and situation. Through having walked a similar path to my Mum I have come to understand her pain, and nowadays I can accept without too much difficulty, why she went the way she did. I think it's a better thing that she's in a place of renewal and looking beautiful than here on Earth suffering the pain that oftentimes is part and parcel of being human.

My greatest joy.
Life itself. Being part of and bearing witness to this life. Both the pain and the beauty have been so intense, although I sometimes feel otherwise, I wouldn't be dead for quids. How do I 'survive this great joy' :) ? With a little help from my friends, too much self medicating. When I am in need of help I am never too afraid to be open with the people around me. To me, I am an open book and Pride must always replace shame. This means I am not ashamed to talk about where I've been, or what I'm going through. On the lighter side, well it isn't hard to survive when things are beautiful and are rockin and rollin. I take plenty of photographs, write, laugh, dance, enjoy good times with a few close mates, make friends with strangers, try to share joy with others and express myself freely...

Bloody good question Eden... cheers mate :)
Mayday X

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