24th September 2010

Communication, Love, Trust, Patience, Understanding, Optimism.

Of these traits I know I possess within all six. The ability to evolve in, express, give. One cannot give that which they don't possess.
I must make sure these six cups are full within, so that the overflow may then pour into the Hearts of others. Who am I. Am I my Mind? Am I my mental or emotional health which appears on the slide. Am I the spark to which ' I am subjected'.
As I sit, passive, 'subjected' and in reflection, do I have the ability to change? To grow in these areas? To dispel and diffuse the negative opposites of the above mentioned traits, being...

Communication Breakdown, Hatred, Impatience, Misunderstanding, Pessimism, Distrust.

...within myself? Of course within myself. Surely I can 'breed out' these emotions. Within another? Only by 'ceasing production of' or choosing to perpetuate or project only their positive counterparts...

Communication, Love, Trust, Patience, Understanding, Optimism.

Poem... by mayday - 24/09/2010 - untitled

Where are we going? Are we dying? Where are we taking one another? Where are we headed?
Which roads shall we take? Is there a route that will use less fuel?
Would we still land up in the same place? Would we get distracted along the way? Anyway,
Must we go at all today?
If we made it go away...
We could just stay --
Hug, laugh, kiss and play.
Or drive somewhere the sun is out
Lay a rug and talk about
What it is we're going through...
Where we're going --
Me and You

(For ADK)

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