untitled poetry from March 2004

Mellow is the mystery,
Chrystalline forms surround you.
Follow his lead you know,
This demon runs circles around you.
Anytime that you might seek,
Just never know whose mind will tweak,
To softer frequencies that drip,
Finding their way through the network.

Throwing stones, and stepping stones,
With a dark grey hue to the air,
When you finally recognise yourself,
Child, please do not dispair.

Hollow is your destiny,
These days, these days the astound you.
Seeing eyes through every pore,
Take a picture of that moment.
All that is through every door,
Was within, around you to start with.

Holding your hand throughout the dance,
Always a choice to thrive or not,
And though you may not know this now,
You'll do quite well with the time you've got.

What will be in the scheme of things?,
We do not know, we never will.
The next step to take in any case?,
Only you will know, I'll never tell.

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